Small Business Tips to Efficiently Use Office Space to Make It More Efficient and Productive

Despite spending thousands of dollars each year, most companies don’t use office space in a proper manner. Hence, every business irrespective of their size is trying to find ways to optimize their office space. While there can be many structural barriers to fit to your office needs, a careful approach to reassemble or modernize your work flow can bring relief from unnecessary things in your office layout.Open-Plan Working – Cubicles just take too much space and cost a lot of money to both purchase and set up. Especially for small businesses workplace should be a sociable place where knowledge and expertise can be easily shared. For many years, many companies have been adopting the open-plan workplaces. Though there are some problems associated with an open office environment, they have many benefits in terms of creating an ease and enhancing workspace communication, flow of ideas, and information can be quickly spread.Using Technology – Office space accommodation is the second highest costs in most office-based organizations, with salaries comes in first place. This is certainly an age of flexible working supported by new technologies. There are so many technologies available to offices to help streamline operations and take up less space. For example, if your office space is mess up with shelving, cupboards, filing cabinets, etc.. to store documents you could replace them by using an electronic storage device. Use of electronic devices is indeed the best option for most business processes and to reduce communication costs.Using Virtual Tools – It is not a surprise that most businesses waste on leaving a space empty for meeting rooms most of the day only to occupy it a small portion. Virtual meetings and conference calls are indeed great ways to conduct the modern day meeting as they save your time and money. They are not only a less expensive replacement for physical meetings but also a superior one because networking and exchanging information through virtual tools is more easy and effective. By using virtual tools you can literally save 50% to 80% of expenses you normally spend on traditional meetings.Compact Furniture – Businesses are now focusing on creating smaller work spaces. The type of office furniture used in a workspace plays an important role how you are consuming it. For example you can use rolling computer tables as they can be pushed to any corner of your office or a simple L shaped computer desk would do and save some space.When you implement all the above steps in a thoughtful and trained manner, the results should address your objectives of having a more efficient and productive office.

Home Business Tips – 3 Must-Know Rules to Follow When Starting Your Own Home Business

When you are starting a home business for the first time there are a few rules that you should put into practice in order to make your work from home experience a very positive and effective one. If you are thinking about starting a home business follow these simple three rules in order to avoid future problems with your company.Rule #1: Treat your home business like any other job you have worked in during the past. You must have a permanent schedule or you will quickly find yourself getting behind in your work, or you will not successfully generate the total amount of money that you need. You must be scheduled and realize that your work from home career is truly your career.Rule #2: Keep records of all of your expenses and bills. This is even more important if you are truly working out of your house. Speak to a tax agent in order to determine what types of tax breaks are granted to those individuals who are self-employed. If you are self-employed there are many expenses that you can simply write off each and every year. This will allow you to truly generate the type of income you need without costing you an arm and a leg each tax season.Rule #3: When your business takes off you may wish to consider handing your accounting off to a trained professional. This way you can avoid making any type of mistakes that could cause you problems with the government.

MLM Business Tips – Ways to Budget Your Next Company Event and Save on Expenses

So, you have a big company event coming up. It’s a conference, a training event, a How to Get the Most Out of Your Event–Without Going Broke!convention, or simply a motivational meeting for your company. Of course you want to go-everyone will be there: your up and downlines, bigwigs, other reps. There will be seminars on how to do your job better, close more sales, sign more reps, make more money.But how about some information on cutting your expenses? Well, you can start with the event itself!First, get the schedule of the event. When are the seminars? When are the big meetings? Are there any other events you want to attend?Second, decide on how long you really have to be there. I’ll tell you, you can pretty much get everything you need by attending only one-and-a-half days. Fly (or drive) in on Day One in the morning, arrive midday or afternoon. Make your scheduled events that day, fill your next full day, Day Two, with everything you need to do, and fly out on the evening of Day Two.Third, see about a discounted entrance fee if you are only going to be there for one day. There should be a rate for the full event, and also a day rate available.Fourth, start planning your travel well in advance, and plan it yourself. Check with your company to see if there are any special deals, but usually you can do better by arranging it yourself. Check both the airline websites PLUS the travel sites. Will it be more convenient or cheaper to take a train? Can you carpool with anyone? If you have to park your car, get a hotel with free parking. Remember not to get hit with any extra baggage charges-weigh your suitcase before leaving home, and don’t buy anything while you are at the event. If you pick up any materials, see about mailing them home, or ask if they will mail them to you.Fifth, get your hotel room. You are only staying one night, so you save big on those possible expenses. Do you have any points you can cash in for that hotel? Can you share a room with anyone? The farther away from the event site you stay, the cheaper your hotel will be. But remember that will be offset by inconvenience and commuting time. When you make your reservation, call the hotel directly-not their 800 reservation number-and ask for their best possible rate.Ask about any specials or discounts they offer (various organizations, military, convention, rewards program). Do they offer a discount if you pay cash? Keep asking for any special deals. Double check that price against the online sites like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. Remember to find a hotel with free parking if you need to, and close to an inexpensive restaurant if you can. Hotel and convention center food is ridiculously expensive, so plan ahead. And will they be able to check your suitcase on your one full day, so you can go to the event without dragging it around? Ask if they have a shuttle service to the airport. Some cities offer inexpensive buses, trains, or subways to the airport-ask at the hotel.Sixth, plan your meals. Are there any catered events you are planning on attending? There goes one meal! Maybe all you need for breakfast is a coffee and muffin-find the closest Starbucks; do NOT order room service! Pack some granola bars and fruit for those low-energy moments. Bring your own soda or water and leave it in your room-or try to find a drugstore or grocery store to purchase a few things. Bring your own bottled water for the event-don’t buy anything from the hotel minibar, or at the event if you can help it!And finally, seventh, don’t sign up for any services or make any purchase decisions until you get home. You don’t need to buy business cards or office supplies at the event-you can do that much cheaper on your own, at home.Enjoy yourself!